Western Australian Employment Agents Licence No 1712

For The Job Seeker

MMS Business Services

Focus on Your Ideal Job - Employers look for people who know what they want to do.

Tell Us About You - We can't help unless we know about you and what you want.

Always Send a Cover Letter - Your resume lists what you have done, who you have worked for and where you have worked but a cover letter introduces the real you.

Think About Where You Want to Work - Apply for work that you can get to and from. If you don't think about how long it takes to get to and from work or you don't have your own transport, consider how much extra time travel adds to the work day. If you don't, chances are that ideal job might not be that ideal at all.

Read the Job Advertisement - Reading a job advertisement fully before applying means no disappointment if you don't get a response; especially if you apply for a position that requires prior experience you don't have.

Application Format - Be neat, clear and concise. What's important is who you are, where you have worked, what you can do and what you want to do.

Right to Work - If you do not already have a Visa that entitles you to work in Australia, we are unable to consider your application.

For The Client

MMS Business Services

The Brief - The more information we can get from you helps us find the best person for your business. Much is said about "the right fit" and how we ascertain that is by making the best match. Your wants and needs, who you are, what you offer and what a candidate wants and needs all need to match for the best outcome.

Our Relationship - We respect your right to use other options to source candidates but keeping us informed as to what you are doing as well helps to make sure we aren't working against each other.

Our Objective - Our collective objective is to find the right candidate, not just someone to fill the role.

Our Guarantee - If things don't work out, we will honour our replacement guarantee.

Our Costs - We recognise our client's businesses are all very different in needs, nature and location. Equally, we know different industries have different durations of employment for different positions. That's why we are flexible with our costs and always happy to come to a cost effective arrangement that recognises the specifics of the work we are required to do.

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